Cool Weather, Cool Colors

beige Wallace sofa by England Furniture in room with gray walls

Icey blues, cool grays, and white accents are beautiful, subtle colors trending this season in interior design. Shiplap walls are going nowhere anytime soon, and countless interior designers are still dreaming up rooms with these elements. When you create a room with cool elements, you’ll want to make sure to include a house plant or two to soften the look.

A Monstera plant has beautiful, broad leaves that can add character to any room. You’ve probably noticed this plant in your Instagram feed or on the pages of interior design magazines recently.

Monstera plant with two leaves

Here are two England Furniture pieces that can help complete a cool, calm and collected style this winter.

Black and white Loren and Valerie chairs by England Furniture in a gray and white room

Valerie Chair (left) and Loren Chair (right) 

When choosing a chair for your home, you’ll want to keep function in mind. Swivel chairs add a dimension of versatility that appeals to many, especially when you have an open floor concept. Swivel chairs enable you to move around without scuffing up hardwood floors. They’re also great on game nights with the family or social events entertaining friends. These chairs are not only crafted beautifully, but they are also upholstered with a gorgeous fabric.

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