Benefits of Buying American-Made Furniture

If you aim to buy American and support local business, you might be thinking about finding a furniture manufacturer right in the United States. There is no shortage of talented craftsmen in America, and England Furniture has taken advantage of that by setting up shop right in Tennessee. Here are just some benefits of buying American-made furniture.

American Jobs
Helping out fellow Americans is as easy as buying American-made products. In fact, England Furniture recently

Environmentally Friendly
The amount of gas and diesel burned to ship furniture from overseas is staggering–and it will take more gasoline yet to get that furniture into your home. Less smog in the air is a win for everyone!

Fast Manufacturing
England Furniture has been known for their expedient manufacturing processes since the 1960’s. In three weeks or less, England Furniture gets orders out the door, so you can have your customized piece quick!

Learn more about England Furniture and #PlantTourTuesday by joining the online community! Pictured is the Brett chair.

Width 43″
Depth 38″
Height 37″
Seat Width 22″
Seat Depth 21″
Seat Height 21″

The England Furniture Company

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    Respect and much appreciation towards England Furniture.

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