Sweeten Up Your Room with The Clementine Collection

Clementine sectional living room scene

The kitchen isn’t the only place for clementines in your home. Introducing the all-new Clementine Collection by England Furniture, simple and sophisticated with a homey feel. The Clementine Collection is available as a sofa, sectional, loveseat, chair, and ottoman. This collection is versatile enough to be styled for any vibe you want your home to have.

Half of England Furniture's Clementine Sectional

The rolled-sock style arms give the furniture a simply elegant look. Another favorite of the Clementine Collection are the wooden pyramid legs and petite scale, making it a good option for smaller spaces. The Clementine Collection also comes with a chaise that can be flip-flopped based on the set up of the sectional or sofa. As with all our collections and pieces, this series is available in over 400 fabrics for your design preference.

Clementine Chair by England Furniiture

So, what are you waiting for? Take home the complete England Furniture Clementine Collection or maybe just a piece or two. Either way, don’t forget to share your England Furniture designs with us at the England Furniture Facebook page using the hashtag #EnglandFurniture.

Sectional Dimensions:

Width: 109”

Depth: 88”

Height: 30”

Tips for Helping a Small Space Feel Bigger

Zane by England Furniture's SoHo Living line

In honor of our launch of SoHo Living, a line of England Furniture that caters to smaller spaces, we’re providing tips to make that tiny space feel bigger than it actually is. Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or you just have limited space in your living room, these tips can really help open up the room.

1. Fresh light paint

A new coat of paint does wonders for a room. Choose a light airy color to make your space feel more open.

2. Mirrors

Use mirrors to brighten a space! Adding a large mirror can completely change your room, injecting light and a sense of space where previously there was none.

3. Use décor items

Using pieces to highlight walls is a great way to add character without taking up too much space. Decorate with small items and neutral art for a less cluttered feel.

4. Ottomans

A storage ottoman can be the perfect way to hide things like magazines or extra throws, so you’ll feel like your space is messy less often.

5. Sleeper sofa

Do you frequently host guests? Turn your living room into a guest room with a sleeper sofa.

6. Storage pieces

Cocktail tables and dressers that are lifted off the floor create an illusion of more floor space.

7. Curtains

Hang your curtains to the ceiling! This helps elongate the room and makes it feel much taller than it really is.

8. Shelves

Use open shelving such as floating shelves or ladder shelves. These are great storage solutions when you don’t want to take up precious floor space!

9. Rugs

Layering rugs can add depth and texture to your small space. It takes up no space and will give a sense of style without taking up any valuable room.

10. Lighting

Wall mounted lighting can be your best friend. Instead of table and floor lamps, mounted lighting can free up your space.

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Falling into Autumn with England Furniture

Along with apple picking, pumpkin carving, leaf raking and all of those other fun fall activities, a great way to celebrate autumn is by refreshing inside your home. Leather sofas and chairs can instantly warm up your space and make it feel cozier on those cool, fall nights.

Adding shades of red, yellow, orange and brown to the room can really get you caught up if saying goodbye to summer is difficult. Fall décor is in and the pool is officially closed until next season. Harvest wreaths and blooming mums are ready to take over the outside while you reconsider the inside. Additions as simple as soft blankets and throw pillows, to an entire fireplace redesign, are ways to revamp your space.

As always, new furniture can never hurt and can make a room feel like new, giving you a burst of energy and inspiration. New furniture doesn’t always have to mean purchasing an entire new collection, but adding an ottoman such as the England Furniture Hermosa Ottoman can do the trick. Other great ideas include adding an accent chair such as the England Furniture Ember Chair or the Leonard Arm Chair, if you are going for a more formal look.

No matter the choices you make, decorating for autumn should be a fun, family-friendly activity. With these simple tips from England Furniture, falling into autumn will be a breeze!

A Sectional with Character

Gray Sectional with Character by England Furniture

Gray Sectional with Character by England FurnitureThe Rosalie Sectional by England Furniture is a unique piece created for the interior designer hidden inside us all. The features of this sectional give it an edge that sets it far and above many sectionals with more simplified traits. The loose pillow back cushions give this sectional extraordinary character, and they would be great for building pillow forts with the kids!

Rosalie’s elegant rolled arms compliment the turned wooden legs, which give it an added level of interest. The seat cushions are upholstered on both sides, so you can flip them for years of comfort. With over 400 fabrics to choose from, you can find the perfect color to suit your needs.

The Rosalie collection is complete with the chair and sofa. England Furniture takes pride in the work that goes into every piece. All the furniture is made in America in a factory in Tennessee. One of the perks of choosing England Furniture is the three-week guarantee—in one month, you’ll have the furniture you’ve been searching for.

Width 107″
Depth 108″
Height 40″
Seat Depth 22″
Seat Height 21″


Reclining Loveseat with Console

Reclining Loveseat with Console in tan color with plush bucket seats for comfort

Reclining Loveseat with Console in tan color with plush bucket seats for comfortIt’s the ultimate spot to sit and watch a much-anticipated television show, movie or huge football game—the reclining loveseat with console. It’s the perfect place for you and one other person to sit, relax, and start the show. The combination of having a center console with storage, an arm rest and a cup holder has multi-faceted benefits.

The center console in the Hali Double Rocking Reclining Loveseat Console 2010-90 by England Furniture leaves you with enough space to store magazines, remotes and drinks, all within reach. Today, it’s more than likely that you have multiple remotes to control your television, surround sound and other gadgets. Keeping them stored in one place is a tremendous help for anyone who struggles to keep track of the remote in a sea of cushions and blankets.

Hali greets you after a long day with bucket seats and plush pillowtop arms. It comes in a wide variety of models, including a double reclining sofa, loveseat, loveseat console, rocking reclining console, minimum proximity recliner, rocker recliner, and swivel gliding recliner. The leather version of this piece can be found in the Litton collection.

Width 73″
Depth 38″
Height 38″
Seat Width 44″
Seat Depth 21″
Seat Height 21″

England Furniture Reviews Picking the Perfect Furniture Fabric

When you’re redecorating, one of the first things you might do is set a color palate. Once you have a combination of colors in mind, and you set out to find the furniture, paint and lighting to fit your vision, you may run into a road block. Selecting the fabric to upholster a piece of furniture might be a challenge when given so many options. Here, England Furniture reviews things to consider when choosing fabric for your new furniture.

Bring Samples with You
Whether it’s a swatch of fabric or a paint chip, keeping these samples in your purse or wallet may help you when inspiration strikes. If you see a pillow or other room accessory at a store, you can get a better idea of how the colors might look together using paint chips and fabric swatches.

Avoid Sticking to Trends
Your home will stand the test of time, but often, trends do not. Instead of including trends that you do not totally love in your home, opt for fabrics that you are drawn to. Consider colors that have made you happy throughout your life.

England Furniture Reviews: Out West Tumbleweed


With over 500 fabric and leather choices, Out West Tumbleweed fabric and combined with some Warbler Moccasin covered pillows.

Fiber Content: 100% Polyester

Fabric Width: Fabric Width
Cover Type: Chenille Plain
Durability: M/H
Cleaning Code: W
Direction: Railroad
Fabric Code: 1
Brand: England
Status: New

England Furniture Reviews: Bacarat Mocha


Bacarat Mocha is one of hundreds of fabric options available from England Furniture. See it on one of our sectionals and combined with an ottoman covered in our Renwick Sahara? What pieces would you put our Bacarat Mocha fabric on?

Disclaimer: Due to characteristics of this fabric, natural variations including shading may occur. These variations should not be considered flaws.

Fiber Content: 100% Polyester

Fabric Width: Fabric Width
Cover Type: Bonded Leather
Grade: F
Durability: M/H
Cleaning Code: W
Direction: Railroad
Fabric Code: 12
Brand: England

England Furniture Reviews: Indienne Ink Mineral


Indienne Ink Mineral is one of England Furniture’s 500+ fabric options available on sofas, chairs, loveseats, and more. Take a look!

Fiber Content: 100% Cotton

Fabric Width: Fabric Width
Cover Type: Botanical
Durability: M/H
Cleaning Code: S
Direction: Railroad
Fabric Code: 22
Brand: England
Status: New

England Furniture Reviews: Roma Blue


The Roma Blue fabric is one of over 500 fabric options available from England Furniture. See it displayed on our of our England Furniture loveseats and combined with pillows using our Leopold Aquamarine fabric.

Disclaimer: Due to characteristics of this fabric, natural variations including shading may occur. These variations should not be considered flaws.

Fiber Content: 100% Polyester

Fabric Width: Fabric Width
Cover Type: Solid, Flat Woven
Grade: F
Durability: M/H
Cleaning Code: SW
Direction: Railroad
Fabric Code: 1
Brand: England