Tips for Helping a Small Space Feel Bigger

Zane by England Furniture's SoHo Living line

In honor of our launch of SoHo Living, a line of England Furniture that caters to smaller spaces, we’re providing tips to make that tiny space feel bigger than it actually is. Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or you just have limited space in your living room, these tips can really help open up the room.

1. Fresh light paint

A new coat of paint does wonders for a room. Choose a light airy color to make your space feel more open.

2. Mirrors

Use mirrors to brighten a space! Adding a large mirror can completely change your room, injecting light and a sense of space where previously there was none.

3. Use décor items

Using pieces to highlight walls is a great way to add character without taking up too much space. Decorate with small items and neutral art for a less cluttered feel.

4. Ottomans

A storage ottoman can be the perfect way to hide things like magazines or extra throws, so you’ll feel like your space is messy less often.

5. Sleeper sofa

Do you frequently host guests? Turn your living room into a guest room with a sleeper sofa.

6. Storage pieces

Cocktail tables and dressers that are lifted off the floor create an illusion of more floor space.

7. Curtains

Hang your curtains to the ceiling! This helps elongate the room and makes it feel much taller than it really is.

8. Shelves

Use open shelving such as floating shelves or ladder shelves. These are great storage solutions when you don’t want to take up precious floor space!

9. Rugs

Layering rugs can add depth and texture to your small space. It takes up no space and will give a sense of style without taking up any valuable room.

10. Lighting

Wall mounted lighting can be your best friend. Instead of table and floor lamps, mounted lighting can free up your space.

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